Classroom on Wheels, Inc. mission is to help students become 21st century thinkers, to build students mastery of high level thinking skills, promote active learning and encourage students to analyze, evaluate and create. 

Classroom on Wheels, Inc. Non Profit 501c3 Organization is a Mobile Classroom that comes to you, we will bring powerful learning right to your location, designed to delight and engage.  Its student driven and boosts inspiration and confidence for Kindergarten students.  

To capture students at an early age, and provide a solid foundation that will provide a strong future, helping students get the necessary tools they need to succeed.  Using a  on-line math curriculum that is designed to save time by giving immediate results in areas of struggle for students.

We will be committed to explore and develop innovation methods of learning to address instructional needs.

Classroom on Wheels, Inc. will provide a blended Learning Program, with facilitators to guide students through their courses, and a physical location, with technology on our Classroom on our Bus.  
To bring together data, resources, tools and teachers to positively impact teaching, and learning, and to give students individual attention and personalized learning.